What’s a film festival without some awards? We introduce the first annual WEEPER AWARDS, celebrating excellence in filmmaking. The following certificates will be awarded at the close of the festival:


BEST IN SHOW – Just what it says! That one film that we agree kicked the most butt.

OUTSTANDING ACTOR – Could be a lead or supporting role, a prize to the most memorable male performance of the night.

OUTSTANDING ACTRESS – Likewise for the ladies, any distaff turn that makes us sit up and take notice.

OUTSTANDING SCREENPLAY – We like writers, and love to give them awards. This one’s for the cleverest words and concepts on display.

OUTSTANDING DIRECTOR – The person behind the camera is pretty important too. Regardless of budget, we celebrate the helmer who put it all together in the best possible way.

GUTS-‘N’-GLORY AWARD – For the best/most memorable special effects; could be practical gore, a killer monster suit, or a cool CGI effect, this one celebrates that thing that wowed us.